Latin America in a VUCA world

Professor Alfredo Enrione has pioneered the research, teaching and diffusion of corporate governance in Latin America. In this 2017 article, published by the Ethical Boardroom, he describes “the perceptions of dramatic and volatile change” undergone throughout Latin America, and how executives were reluctant to acknowledge the need for change. Moreover, they were struggling to make sense of those multidimensional shifts.

It seems sort of ironic for those who endured the chaotic period from 1980 to 1994 in Brazil, to learn that the notion of an increasing Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world environment was proposed to describe the perceived new era of international relations surrounding the end of the cold war: it sure describes exactly what it felt like back then! I remember seeing Brazilian executives – and others from similarly erratic economies – to thrive on crazy. Have we lost our edge?

If this VUCA environment is such a Brazilian staple, why are we so unprepared to deal with the current uncertainties? And more importantly, can we get back our mojo?

As times become increasingly unpredictable, agile principles and an agile mindset can help us move, move forward, even if in little increments at a time.

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Latin America in a VUCA world

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