A good CuppaJoe of freshly roasted and brewed coffee

I didn’t know much about coffee. And don’t get me wrong, I still don’t. If I was a coffee illiterate, I can now spell basic words. But what do you need to know about coffee, if anything at all, to fully enjoy your cup?

For starters, I didn’t know, or at least didn’t pay attention to the grind size, and how that plays an fundamental part on the quality of your beverage. I learned that, depending on the brewing method you are going to use, there is a particular grind size that is most appropriate for it. Of course you can be adventurous and play a bit to the coarser or finer side of it, but if you stray too far from the optimum grind, you will end up disappointed and blaming the poor coffee bean.

CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters Vancouver
Cuppajoe Coffee Roasters Macchiato

I can say I learned quite a few things since I started to enjoy the great coffee, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere of this Vancouver hidden gem. Finding CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters a few years ago was a lucky accident and a pleasant surprise. They love what they do and they have the knowledge to back it up. If you are like me, and want to extract the most out of your coffee, or just want to have a chat with some really nice folks, pay a visit and ask to speak with the owners, Gord or Monty. I guarantee you will be leaving with more than just coffee!

CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters’ roots go back to those early times, when founding partner Gord Schmidt opened his first retail coffee house in Vancouver, back in 1993. The Specialty Coffee industry was still in its infancy. After training in the art of roasting in San Francisco in the fall of 1999, they soon began micro-roasting their own brand of Specialty and Organic coffees in Vancouver. They quickly built a reputation for the quality and uniqueness of their roasts. They learned and then mastered a style of micro-roasting, that brought out incredibly deep, rich, complex flavors and aromas in their coffees that made their coffee stand out against all others.

CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters – Vancouver Store & Roasting Plant

104- 350 East Kent Ave. South
Vancouver, BC V5X 4N6

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CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters – Burnaby Store

105-1899 Rosser Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5C 6R5

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