Agile Implementation & Scrum

Implementing an Agile approach

The term Agile defines a way of thinking and working. It determines how we face everyday challenges, adapt to ever changing demands, act on it, check what worked, rinse and repeat.

Implementing an Agile framework is definitely not about enforcing single processes, but changing the way we interact with requirements and the people affected by them. There are more than one Agile methodology, but common traits areĀ focus on continuous collaboration and improvement with teams following cycles of planning, executing, evaluating and adjusting.

To choose the most adequate approach for each case, company or team, you should rely on an Agile specialist. Here I am going to make a little side note: there are virtually an endless offer of specialists, claiming to be the answer to all your prayers. Beware! Treat this as you would any job interview and try to find the person that not only has the qualifications, but also fits with your work philosophy – the ones that will respect your work and find joy helping you into new level of efficiency. This transition takes time and effort, and you don’t need the ‘I know it all’, but the ‘we will get there together’.